There are things that we can do to protect our communities from the harmful effects of refugee resettlement/migration.

What Can I Do?

There are many links in this web site.  Take the time to check them out and educate yourself on refugee resettlement, secondary migration, Islam, and UN Agenda 21.

They are suing our schools and business based on what they are stating is part of their religion. Find out what Islam really requires and fight back. Do not get any information directly from Islamic organizations as they have separate versions that they provide to infidels to make Islam appear to be a peaceful religion.

Your local leaders include county commissioners, city council members, school administration – including school boards, sheriff and other law enforcement, legislatures, and religious leaders.

The best way to do this is one-on-one or in small group meetings. Many of them are leery of attending big events. Meet them for coffee or lunch. The leaders whom I’ve talked to are very interested in learning more about what affects their community. Knowledge is key in being able to make decisions that affect so many.

Focus on facts. People listen when it affects their pocket books. For example, Social Services in Stearns County was $1.2 million in the red in 2014 due to the extra services they provided.

The fastest way to educate the public is by handing out flyers. Click here for flyers that are ready to print.

Ask your legislatures to support “American Laws for American Courts” and push to get it passed. When there are protests against this, counter-protest. The refugees typically back down when there are counter-protests.

Get your legislatures to put a moratorium on refugee resettlement until adequate studies are done on the monetary effects of refugee resettlement and secondary migration.

Counter-protest. Any time the refugees plan a protest, counter-protest. We need to support our schools and businesses so that they quit giving into the refugees based on false premises. They do tend to back down.

Pray. With God, anything is possible.

Don’t give up. Together we can do this. United we stand, divided we fall!


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